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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Progressive Caribbean Draw Video Poker - How To Play

This post is about how to play progressive Caribbean Draw Video Poker. The progressive feature gives a big money aspect to playing that wouldn't always be there. The jackpots for a royal flush are huge. For more free video poker games info click here.
Progressive Caribbean Draw Poker is a poker game with a slight variation from regular poker. The hand rankings are the same but there are few differences. One difference is the dealer has to have a pair of eights or better to qualify.This gives a great advantage for the player. If not, the player wins the ante and whatever is bet.
How to Play
First you select your bet amount including progressive if you select the option. Then click Deal. The ante is placed and five cards are dealt. You can select up to two cards to discard by clicking the cards or not clicking to hold and click deal. The result is your final hand that is used to calculate winnings. The dealer then gets to do the same. They get five cards and can discard two cards. Their final hand is matched against yours for the highest winning hand.
How To Play Progressive Poker Feature
Simply click the progressive icon and you are in the progressive mode. You are eligible for the jackpot with a royal flush or four of a kind.
Strategy for Caribbean Draw Poker
  • Hold All Pairs
  • Hold Potential Flushes
  • Hold Potential Winning Hands
  • Click to enlarge
    Caribbean Draw Poker
    The right side of the screen has the progressive icon. To play progressive Caribbean Draw, simply click the icon.
    Click to enlarge
    Screenshot II
    If you don't want to play progressive poker anymore click the icon again to undo the progressive feature.
    Click to enlarge
    Caribbean Draw Poker Strategy
    Hold Queens. I held queens here for a three or four of a kind. You can discard two cards by clicking the cards you wish to discard.
    Click to enlarge
    Part 2
    The eight and three were clicked and discarded and replaced by ten and six of clubs. The winning hand was two queens.
    Click to enlarge
    Winning Hand a Pair
    The winning hand was a pair of queens.
    Click to enlarge
    Caribbean Draw Poker Strategy - Hold Pairs
    One strategy is to hold all pairs like above. In this case a pair of twos were held and became a winning hand.
    Click to enlarge
    This is the payout table for Caribbean Stud Poker
    It follows the standard rank of hands of poker in general with variable payouts.
  • Royal Flush 100:1
  • Straight Flush - 50:1
  • Four of Kind 20:1
  • Full House - 7:1
  • Flush - 5:1
  • Straight - 3:1
  • Three of a kind - 2:1
  • Two pairs - 1:1
  • a Pair 1:1

  • Progressive Payouts
  • Royal Flush - 100% and Jackpot
  • Straight flush 10% of jackpot
  • Four of kind - $500
  • Full House - $100
  • Flush - $75

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