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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Progressive Caribbean Holdem Poker - How To Play

Playing progressive Caribbean Holdem poker is very easy. If you know how to play regular poker, the only difference is the progressive jackpot. This is won if you get a royal flush and selected the progressive jackpot button. Otherwise the payout is 100 to 1 or one hundred to every dollar bet.
The rank of hands is similar with royal flush, straight flush, four of kind, full house etc. The major advantage to playing Caribbean holdem poker is the lower house edge. You're almost assured to not only get your money back but make some as well. It's a great game.Play at Club World Casino for free or real money.

Payouts in Caribbean Holdem Poker
Payouts are a little different. Royal flush payout is 100:1 or 100 times the original bet.If you play the progressive you win the jackpot. A straight flush is 20 times the original bet unless you play progressive where you get 10 percent of the jackpot. Four of kind is 10 times the original bet. Full house is 3 times the original bet. And a flush is 2 times the original bet. All other winning hands are even money.
Caribbean Holdem Poker Game Strategy
Below I will show you the game and some strategies with results. You can always play free and test this or any strategies before you dive into real Caribbean Holdem poker.
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Caribbean Holdem Poker
This is the screen with no cards. The player's card are to the right and the dealer's cards to the left. The flop will come out at the center of table near the ante and call area of the virtual table. If you want to play the progressive game click the progressive button at the right side of the table. It's an extra bet but if you're lucky you get a nice payday.
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Caribbean Poker Strategy - Fold Low Hands
This strategy will work most of the time. Not always. But folding unsuited low cards like these will save you in the long run. You will never get a high card if you neither you or the dealer have none of the winning combinations. Sometimes, you might get a straight but that is rare and not the norm.
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Caribbean Poker Strategy - Hold Aces
Always hold aces. Aces are high cards and can lead to winning high card combination. In this example, the high card ace won with the three of kind community cards.
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Caribbean Poker Strategy - Hold Face Cards
Holding face cards is smart because like the ace, they are high cards and can lead payouts. In this example, the face card jack was the high card along with the community cards.
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Caribbean Poker Strategy - Hold Kings
Holding kings is smart for reasons mentioned above. Here the king hold lead to a win again on high card.
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Caribbean Poker Strategy - Hold Potential Flushes
The only time you want to hold low cards is if there is potential flush in the mix. Here a potential flush lead to straight and nice payout.

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